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(hereinafter called Operator)
150 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: (215) 569-8400
  1. This Agreement is a license which authorizes you to park and lock your vehicle in a designated area at your sole risk at the monthly parking rate stated on the reverse side. The Operator does not guard against or assume care for fire, theft, damage or loss to Owner's vehicle. This Agreement grants only a license to park and no bailment is created unless the Operator takes possession of the keys to the Owner's vehicle. No employee of the Operator may waive the terms of this Agreement.
  2. Owner is not entitled to the use of a specified or assigned space unless Owner is a reserved monthly parker.
  3. Parking fee is due by the first day of each calendar month. Operator reserves the right to assess a surcharge for customers that do not elect an automated payment option. In its sole discretion, Operator reserves the right to assess a late fee for delinquent accounts that are paid after the fifth business day of any month,and a $35 fee for dishonored checks or electronic payments. No allowance will be made for time that space is not used. Monthly access cards and transponders will be deactivated if payment is not received by the fifth business day of each month.
  4. This is a monthly contract and parking privileges may be terminated by the Operator at any time on thirty (30) days notice. This Agreement is terminable immediately without notice for cause.
    Customers under single-vehicle agreements may terminate this Agreement upon request and surrender of the monthly parking card or transponder. For terminations effective on or before the 20th day of the calendar month,the Customer will be charged the daily maximum rate through the termination date in lieu of the monthly rate. For terminations effective after the 10th day of the calendar month, the Customer will be charged the full monthly rate without refund. Refund requests for other circumstances (including multi-vehicle contracts) will be considered on a case-by-case basis and determined in Operator's discretion.
  5. All claims and disputes will be resolved by arbitration through the American Arbitration Association.
  6. Owner and all persons in Owner's vehicle must act in a lawful, reasonable, and proper manner at all times in and about the facility and must obey all posted regulations. Any failure will result in immediate termination of Owner's monthly parking privilege.
  7. Owner must pay for each lost or damaged access card or transponder. Access card deposits will be held by the Operator and applied towards the cost of a replacement card or transponder in the event of card loss transponder in the event of card loss or damage by Owner. Deposits will be returned to Owner within 30 days following surrender of Owner's undamaged access card or transponder. No interest shall accrue or be payable on deposits.
  8. Operator will notify Owner in writing of rate increases for monthly parking.
    Owner agrees to pay the increased rate by Owner's continued parking after the notice on increase.
  9. This Agreement is not effective unless accepted by an authorized representative of Operator.
  10. Monthly parking access card or transponder is not transferable.
  11. Monthly parking privileges are not to be interpreted as the right to store a vehicle at the location indefinitely.
  12. Monthly customers parking in non-24 hour facilities that leave their vehicle in the custody of the parking attendant after close will have their vehicles relocated to a 24-hour parking facility and are subject to the transient storage rates in the new facility after 6AM the next morning.
  13. Evening, weekend, daytime and other restricted hour monthly parkers will be subject to posted transient storage rates for vehicle storage outside contract hours.