Parking FAQ

Can I make a recurring payment by Credit Card?
A: Yes. When your credit card information is added or updated on the Payment Method page you are enrolled in the Recurring Auto Payment option for monthly parking customers starting with the next billing cycle. Any invoices that have already been generated need to be paid with a check or you can make a one-time credit card payment using the Pay Online page.
Can I update Credit Card information including credit card number?
A: Yes. Your credit card information can be updated or even changed to a different credit card using the Payment Method link.
Does Parkway retain credit card numbers?
A: No. The card type and the last four digits are maintained for customer convenience, but no credit card numbers are stored or saved by Parkway.
Can I make a one-time payment by Credit Card?
A: The website enables customers to make their first credit card payment using the Pay Online link. When making this first payment, you will be enrolled in our Auto-Pay Program. Your credit card will be charged the account balance on a monthly basis.
Can I change my method of payment?
A: You can change an existing recurring payment method from bank account (EFT) to credit card on the Payment Method page. New EFT recurring payments cannot be set up and existing EFT setups can only be changed to credit card. Invoices already generated will be subject to the payment method on record at the time of billing.
Can I view my open balance and account history online?
A: Yes. You can view your account balance and up to three months of account history on the Parkway website. This can be viewed on the My Account page.
Can I change my password?
A: Yes. Parkway encourages you to change your password upon the original login. This can be done on the Edit Account page by clicking the "Reset Password" link at the bottom of the page (just above the Save button).
How long will it take to process my credit card payment and activate my access card?
A: Please allow 1 to 2 business days for the processing of your credit card payment and reactivation of your parking access card.
I forgot my password. What do I do?
A: You can reset your password by clicking the "Forgot Your Password" link on the Sign In page. You will be asked to enter your email address and then click 'Get Password.' You will receive a message back saying that the online account password has been e-mailed to your e-mail address associated with the account.
I lost my hang tag or access card. What do I do?
A: Contact the location manager to initiate the replacement tag or card process.
Can I terminate a parker?
A: No. You will have to terminate the parker by contacting the location manager.
Is my credit card / bank account information safe?
A: Yes. Parkway's website is secure. Parkway does not retain credit card information.
Am I permitted to share my monthly parking?
A: We're sorry, but lending your permit is prohibited. Each permit or access card is marked with your specific parking information, allowing us to serve you most effectively. We welcome you to apply for multiple vehicles if you need additional parking.
How can I cancel my monthly parking agreement?
A: You may cancel at any time with at least 30 days’ notice by phone or e-mail. Contact our Customer Care Center 24 hours a day at 1-267-765-3665 or by email at Please remember to include the location, your account number and the last day you wish to park.
Am I required to enroll in auto payment?
A: Yes. You have the option to utilize credit or debit card. Payments will be processed the first working day of each month.
How will I know if my monthly parking agreement has been accepted?
A: You will be contacted by our Customer Care Center with instructions on how to make your first payment and obtain your access card or hang tag.
Do you offer any special discounts?
A: Many of our locations offer discounts for monthly parking. Please let us know if you think your organization, business or apartment complex is eligible and we will confirm. We may require proof of your eligibility.
Can I register more than one vehicle under my account?
A: Yes, but you may only park one vehicle at a time.